Introduction by Phylos

Welcome, I am Phylos. I am an ascended master and I speak to you from high up on our beautiful mountain, Mount Shasta . It is my honor and pleasure to bring our messages of love and support down to you in these pages. I say “our messages” because I speak on behalf of other masters as well.

Strong new energies are coming to the earth

We entitled this book Earth Changes because strong new energies are coming to the earth and creating tremendous changes in all life on the planet during this specific period of time. You are living in a most exciting era. This is a period of major transition. Due to these new energies, humanity as a whole will rise to its next level of development. This rise in consciousness has special challenges as many of you are not aware of what is happening and may be feeling confused.
Your awakening process – and that of humanity as a whole – is guided by present and future changes in the energies on earth. If you are aware of these changes, your growth process will be much easier. You will be able to live your life with far less struggle.

You can learn to be aware of the new energies and use them for your higher good

Due to the new energies, earth changes are occurring in the visible, ordinary reality in which you live as well as in the spiritual reality that underlies your ordinary reality. These energies come from the spiritual realms and cannot be perceived with your ordinary senses. Indeed, your ordinary senses reflect only a small part of the true, multidimensional reality of the universe.
However, behind your ordinary senses you have a different set of senses that we may call your inner senses. When you learn to sense behind your senses, so to speak, you develop your inner senses. With these inner senses you are perfectly able to perceive the spiritual realms and the earth changes that are occurring at these levels.
Many energies from the universe affect the earth plane. You are only beginning to recognize the existence of these energies. Most of you are familiar with radio waves and with the forces of electricity, but you cannot yet perceive a whole range of much more subtle energies. These subtle energies influence consciousness on earth in all its aspects.
Consciousness, as you will learn to see, is much more than the thoughts you have. Every form on your planet, in its essence, consists of Divine Consciousness. So even a rock or a drop of water contains Divine Consciousness. Plants and all the cells of your body have a consciousness of their own. Human consciousness is the highest form of consciousness on the earth plane.
However, while you are on the earth plane as a human being, you have only a small part of the consciousness of your whole being available to you.
Only part of your being is incarnated on earth. Your life on the earth plane is a fascinating school due to the limitations set by the specific conditions on earth. These limitations, however, may cause you much confusion as they greatly limit your perception.

Your life is meant to be joyful

You are wonderful, loving beings of love and light. Due to the density of the energies on the earth plane that create reality as you perceive it, there is much unknowingness in every one of you about your true nature and your true mission on earth. You all came here with a specific reason and purpose. All of you have forgotten why you incarnated at this specific time and what your purpose in this life is.
The denser energies of the earth plane create the illusion of time and space as well as the illusion of the existence of a material world. You are so enchanted by these illusions that you find it difficult to see behind them. You may have heard about advanced masters in the Himalayas who are able to manifest themselves in more than one location simultaneously, levitate, live without food, and even overcome death. In their lives they demonstrate that it is possible to see behind the illusions of three-dimensional reality. With these feats the masters demonstrate that reality as you perceive it is just an illusion and that you are captured in a dream.
In this book we will illuminate the illusions of your perception and teach you how to begin to transcend them. You will learn to see and sense your world as energy and to be able to adapt to the big energy changes on earth.
You need not be a slave to the circumstances of your earth. By knowing and working with energy, you can choose to live with joy and inner peace, helping humanity to make a smooth transition to its next level of growth.

Be joyful and peaceful amidst seeming chaos

The changes in the energies that come to the earth are increasing in their intensity as are the energies themselves. You may notice this, for example, in the way technology is developing in an almost exponential way. At the same time, there are developments that may eventually lead to the destruction of the earth. Politicians do not seem to have the power to stop this process. Many of you are feeling powerless or fearful about the future of humanity and the earth.
The great confusion and the many negative occurrences in the world today exist because most of you are not yet sensitive enough to perceive the changes in energy on earth.
The solution to these problems will come with the development of consciousness. Some of the problems humanity is facing now are actually the result of this rapidly increasing consciousness. With this increase, humanity as a whole will move on to its next level of growth and be able to handle the big problems of the earth. At this time, however, many of you are still not evolved enough to apply your growth in consciousness to the benefit of all and to solving the earth’s problems.
One of our goals is to make you more sensitive to these earth changes and to develop your intuition and your ability to open to the guidance of your soul. This helps you to become more sensitive to the changes in energy on earth and to handle them effectively. Instead of living in fear and struggle or retreating from earth plane life, you are able to grow and flourish in the midst of the chaos and confusion which seem present now. You become a beacon of light for yourself and for others, helping humanity make a smooth transition to its next level of consciousness.

You chose to incarnate during a period of transformation

The more people there are who awaken to their higher consciousness, the more human consciousness will evolve in its intended direction. You live in a period of transition, a fascinating time which provides great opportunities to learn and to grow. This is why so many souls are choosing to incarnate at this time. The large number of people incarnating is in itself a major challenge to all humanity seeking a balanced way to create a good life on the earth for all.
You might think that your individual contribution is so small that the impact on the earth plane level will be hardly noticeable. This, however, is a distortion of your thoughts, created by the dense energy conditions of consciousness on the earth plane. Every one of you is a powerful spiritual being, able to contribute much more than you are actually aware of.
We send out a call to you to awaken to the divine, conscious being that you really are. The fact that you are reading this material, whether you bought this book or got it as a present, indicates that you are ready to make this quantum leap. No matter how you think or feel about yourself on the personality level, your soul is directing you on your spiritual path. You have heard and answered the call of your soul.

Your soul invites you to awaken to your higher path

It matters not whether you have just started your awakening process or you have already been on a spiritual path for a long time. We speak to all of you. We speak to you with our words, and at the same time, we transmit energy to you through these words in order to touch the deeper levels of your being so as to help you in your awakening.
Those of you who are already on a spiritual path know that there is no way back. The process of awakening brings so much joy and fulfillment into your life that you may have wondered why you did not choose to follow a spiritual path much earlier. It really may seem that you have awakened from a state of sleep.
The spiritual path is a process of self-realization, of awakening to your highest potential. This process can result in a fully developed consciousness.
Your life starts to work in better and better ways. You feel more secure about yourself and your relationships, and the quality of your work improves. Most important, however, is your increasing connection with your soul and with the Divine.
As you awaken, you also discover your life purpose. If your mission is to help humanity make a smooth transition to its next level of consciousness, you may choose to work in the earth reality itself. However, many of you choose to work on raising the consciousness of humanity by doing meditations or by praying.

You are not alone

All of you are connected with each other at the higher levels of your being. At this time, most of you are not aware of these connections. When you awaken to your true self, you become more and more aware of these connections and of the Oneness of which you are all part.
When you recognize these connections and learn to work with energy, you are able to assist many others in the development of their consciousness. You may choose to take a role in the forefront of the development of your own and humanity’s consciousness. You will become more sensitive to energy changes on earth that are occurring right now and learn to handle them. The confusion that earth plane life may have created for you will gradually dissolve.
We ascended masters are filled with joy because you have chosen this path. It is our divine mission to assist you and all of humanity in raising your consciousness to the next levels. Our love for you is tremendous. If you could be aware of only one spark of the love that we have for you and that God has for you, your own heart would be overflowing with joy and bliss this very moment.
We are aware of you as you read this. We notice your energy vibration, and we joyfully and lovingly transmit energies of love and support to you. If it pleases you to do so, stop reading now and open yourself to our love. Inhale deeply and imagine how Divine Love spreads through your body.
We hope and expect that the lessons in this book will give you insights and inspiration for your own holy mission on the earth plane.

Our aim is to guide you to the realization of your true being

In the first part of this book, we intend to provide illumination about the way earth plane reality is constructed and how you function in it. As you acquire deeper insight into the nature of your reality and the way your consciousness works, you will develop the foundation you need to transcend the limitations of earth plane life.
In the second part of the book, we will suggest how you can create a life that heightens your awareness and expands your consciousness. By following these suggestions, you can begin to transcend ordinary reality and move smoothly through the energy shifts which are part of the earth’s changes.
The third part of the book describes how the Divine Forces operate on your earth.
We remind you to always remember the greatness of your being. Thoughts about your not being important or worthy are illusions that are created by the specific circumstances of earth plane life with its limited scope of perception.
You can awaken to your true self and be the happiest person you can imagine.
For now, we say good-bye to you with all our love and light.