Part of Introduction

Black Butte Trail. Welcome. I am Saint Germain. I greet you with all my love from my radiant open heart. I have been working with Froukje’s energy field for many years to prepare her to channel this message of love. And now she is ready. I begin my transmissions through Froukje and to you with great pleasure.

With this message of love, I send my unconditional love to you — the reader of this book — to open your heart.

Some of your hearts are open, some are fairly closed

Some of you, whose hearts are already open, can feel me touch your hearts right now — directly — by way of these words. You may feel light filled or expanded while reading my words and I am happy that I can reach you so easily. But some of you have shut down your energies as a consequence of difficult childhood experiences or difficult past lives. You may have blockages and walls in your energy field, and you may feel closed off from contact and love.

If you are one of the closed off people, please know that I love you just as much as I love the readers who are more open. I send my rays of love just as lovingly to you as to my more open-hearted readers. I can help you to open your energy field and dissolve these blockages so that you can experience more love in your life.

As you read this book, you may be able to feel more and more of my deep love for you. On the other hand, you may feel only anger or irritation. You may say to yourself, “What St. Germain says is not new at all.  I already know all this. And besides, the words are way too mushy.”

When you have these feelings, I know that I have reached you too — I have touched the emotions that prevent you from feeling my love directly.

I invite you to keep on reading. Do not put this book aside. Let your irritation and anger be. Those emotions belong to your inner children, and I love those inner children just as much as I love all the other aspects of you. Your emotions do not affect me in any way — other than to prompt me to send you even more love.

Your emotions are just energies that are meant to dissolve

Your emotions are just energies that are meant to dissolve so that you can find your true self again — your true self that is love, that does not have to defend itself, that does not have to build a wall of protection. And maybe, after you finish reading this book, some of these emotions will have dissolved. Maybe I will have come a bit closer to your heart; maybe I will be able to touch you more deeply. And when you read this book again in the future, you may feel even more of my love.

So you can see that you might never be finished with this book...

With every sentence, I transmit love to you

In this book of love, I will speak about love: the love you can receive from our realms; self-love; the love for your neighbor; the love you can receive from animals and from nature and divine love.

With every sentence, I transmit my love to you. My love is pure and clear, soft and gentle — yet also powerful and intense. My love is like a laser beam, flowing into your energy field, straight into your heart. My heart is fully open, and my goal is to help you open yours fully.

I will not be able to touch your heart if you don’t want to let me in. But you bought this book or got it in some other way — that was no coincidence. The fact that you are reading my words indicates that somehow, consciously or unconsciously, you are longing to live with a more fully open heart.

Illustration by Mike Monaghan, Tekenteam Delft